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West Ham United
Starting 11

How well do you know your starting 11s?

Known across England as the club that won England the World Cup, the most iconic and illustrious of England's national team footballers that brought it home for the first and only time for England hailed from West Ham United, and their stable of talented, world class players have never truly depleted, with talents such as Frank Lampard, Javier Mascherano, and Rio Ferdinand to name a few of the legends of the game that have worn a West Ham shirt. Starting 11's West Ham quizzes will thus be as star-studded as the club's history. Think your score is as unbeatable as West Ham's reputation? Hit the 'challenge' button to share the game with a friend, and let's see who'll bring the title of best football trivia quiz champion home!

Ready to kick off?

West Ham United Football Club of Stratford, East London have now been at their new home the London Stadium for 6 years, having moved from the iconic Boleyn Ground in 2016. Their history goes back as far as 1895 when they were founded as Thames Ironworks, and is largely the source of the football team's nickname – The Hammers. Making their debut to England's footballing top flight in 1923, they were also FA Cup finalists for the first time in that same year. West Ham United is also noted for winning the inaugural Football League War Cup in 1940. West Ham have been finalists of the FA Cup 5 times, 3 times coming out as winners, while also winning the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1965 as well as the Intertoto Cup in 1999. West Ham holds the distinction of never falling below the second tier of English football, an honour it shares with only 7 other clubs.

While finding success in the cups, West Ham have never won the English top flight, and have only ever achieved a third place finish at best in their history, but with three of England's finest players in the World Cup winning side of 1966, fans of West Ham United will definitely proclaim that their team brought the World Cup home to England loudly and proudly!


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How to Play

Select a fixture from the game menu to bring up a starting 11 lineup. Read the match details and when ready, hit 'play now'.

Study the lineup. The number below each shirt indicates how many letters there are in that player's name. You're against the clock so get going!

Think you know one of the mystery players? Enter your guess in the box provided below each shirt. See a tick? Boom, you've got it! See a cross? Guess again!

Struggling to get a player? Click the player you're having trouble with and hit the 'hint' button to get a letter to help you along. You only have 3 hints so use them wisely...

Really can't think of any more? Hit 'give up' and we'll show you the player's you missed. Don't beat yourself up, we can't all remember that South American they had on loan for three games...

Think your score is unbeatable? Hit the 'challenge' button to share the game with a friend. Let's see who comes out on top!