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Premier League stalwarts Southampton FC may not be the most well known club in the world, but maintains a cult following due to mercurial talents of yesteryear such as Matt Le Tissier and Alan Shearer as well as their constant ability to produce the latest in English youth talent, supplying the English national team with players such as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Adam Lallana, Theo Walcott, and Ricky Lambert. Starting 11's Southampton quiz therefore, should feature many local names that you may be familiar with! Select a fixture from the game menu to bring up a starting 11 lineup and get started!

Match Details
Southampton's 2-2 draw with Manchester United
Premier League
Old Trafford
13 Jul July 2020
Penalty area
Centre circle
8 Letters
12 Letters
8 Letters
8 Letters
8 Letters
5 Letters
9 Letters
10 Letters
4 Letters
5 Letters
7 Letters
Kick Off!
Can you name the starting 11 below?
Southampton's 2-2 draw with Manchester United
Premier League
Old Trafford
13 July 2020
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Southampton Football Club hosts away challengers in the iconic St Mary's Stadium, which they moved into in 2001. Since then, The Saints have seen relegation and a return to the Premier League from strength to strength, becoming Premier League regulars while their bitter South Coasats derby rivals Portsmouth languish in the lower leagues.

Celebrating 8 years of being in the Premier League, Southampton are widely regarded as a stable mid-table club with the potential to become something more with a little bit more investment and development. Known for their finesse in the transfer market, unearthing gems such as Dejan Lovren and Virgil van Dijk and turning them into massive profits for the club, Southampton can also turn to their famed youth academy to consistently produce the best British talent, with Gareth Bale of Real Madrid being part of their star-studded alumni.

Southampton are also not afraid to invest in British talent, with their prolific striker Danny Ings consistently getting on the scoring sheet, manager Ralph Hasenhuttl will definitely have a reliable player that he can count on to build his team around. Southampton are ultimately a club with huge potential to upset the established footballing order of English football, and their ultimate test will be to combine their transfer nous, grasp of youth development, and tactical prowess to lead them to greater heights.

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How to Play

Select a fixture from the game menu to bring up a starting 11 lineup. Read the match details and when ready, hit 'play now'.

Study the lineup. The number below each shirt indicates how many letters there are in that player's name. You're against the clock so get going!

Think you know one of the mystery players? Enter your guess in the box provided below each shirt. See a tick? Boom, you've got it! See a cross? Guess again!

Struggling to get a player? Click the player you're having trouble with and hit the 'hint' button to get a letter to help you along. You only have 3 hints so use them wisely...

Really can't think of any more? Hit 'give up' and we'll show you the players you missed. Don't beat yourself up, we can't all remember that South American they had on loan for three games...

Think your score is unbeatable? Hit the 'challenge' button to share the game with a friend. Let's see who comes out on top!