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Having established themselves as solid stalwarts of the Premier League, Burnley have acquired a list of famous victories and impressive surprise performances. If you are a diehard Burnley fan or a new supporter, you will find our collection of Burnley quizzes to be both challenging and educational. Merely select a fixture from a Burnley game from the menu to bring up a starting 11 lineup. Study the match details and hit play when you're ready to test yourself against one of our finest Burnley football quizzes! Every single Burnley football quiz will definitely test your skill both as an experienced footballing trivia champion as well as a Burnley football fan.

Match Details
Burnley's 3-1 win over Sunderland
Premier League
Turf Moor
19 Sep September 2009
Penalty area
Centre circle
6 Letters
5 Letters
6 Letters
8 Letters
5 Letters
9 Letters
7 Letters
8 Letters
5 Letters
8 Letters
6 Letters
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Can you name the starting 11 below?
Burnley's 3-1 win over Sunderland
Premier League
Turf Moor
19 September 2009
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Burnley Football Club's long and proud history dates back to 1882, and is one of England's earliest professional football teams, winning the English league twice, the FA Cup once, and the Charity Shield twice. Burnley can truly claim to be England's great travelling sides, winning all four divisions of English football throughout their history, one of only five football clubs to do so.

The Clarets host their games at Turf Moor, their home ground since 1883, and share a friendly relationship with Aston Villa while constesting the East Lancashire Derby with their long-time rivals Blackburn Rovers.

A well-known progressive club in their day, Burnley were one of the first sides in England to use a purpose-built training centre. Legendary manager Harry Potts introduced the revolutionary Total Football style to England.

Falling on hard times, Burnley spent many years away from the top-flight, returning in 2008 aftter over 30 years in the lower leagues. Their promotion made Burnley the smallest town to host a Premier League club.

Current manager Sean Dyche took the reins in 2012, and has taken Burnley to the top-flight and into European competition, cementing the club's position as a up-and-coming football team with an eye for upward movement.

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How to Play

Select a fixture from the game menu to bring up a starting 11 lineup. Read the match details and when ready, hit 'play now'.

Study the lineup. The number below each shirt indicates how many letters there are in that player's name. You're against the clock so get going!

Think you know one of the mystery players? Enter your guess in the box provided below each shirt. See a tick? Boom, you've got it! See a cross? Guess again!

Struggling to get a player? Click the player you're having trouble with and hit the 'hint' button to get a letter to help you along. You only have 3 hints so use them wisely...

Really can't think of any more? Hit 'give up' and we'll show you the players you missed. Don't beat yourself up, we can't all remember that South American they had on loan for three games...

Think your score is unbeatable? Hit the 'challenge' button to share the game with a friend. Let's see who comes out on top!