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Relative newcomers to the Premier League, Brighton and Hove Albion are constantly hovering between mid-table stability and relegation dog fights, while bagging the odd scalp or two. Starting 11's Brighton and Hove Albion football quizzes thus provide a tougher challenge than most, as many names would test the limits of even the most experienced Premier League trivia fan. Brighton and Hove Albion field very few superstars, if any, and their lineups are consistently low-profile and obscure enough to give every Brighton football quiz challenger a difficult time. Really can't think of any more? Hit 'give up' and we'll show you the player's you missed. Don't beat yourself up, we can't name Brighton's first eleven from any given date, either...

Match Details
Brighton & Hove Albion's 4-0 win over Bristol City
Ashton Gate
23 Feb February 2016
Penalty area
Centre circle
9 Letters
5 Letters
8 Letters
7 Letters
4 Letters
5 Letters
9 Letters
8 Letters
7 Letters
5 Letters
6 Letters
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Brighton & Hove Albion's 4-0 win over Bristol City
Ashton Gate
23 February 2016
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Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, better known simply as Brighton, can trace their roots to their foundation in 1901. Also known as the "Seagulls" or "Albion", Brighton and Hove Albion glory days are firmly in the past, with their previous stint in English football's top division lasting from 1979 to 1983 in the old First Division saw it culminate in contending an FA Cup Final against Manchester United. Since then however, Brighton continually fell through the English footballing divisions, ending in the fourth tier of English football and with severe financial difficulties, before rising again from near oblivion in the year 2001, moving into their current permanent home ground, the Falmer Stadium. 34 years of hurt and exile from England's top footballing division ended in 2017, when they made a triumphant return to the Premier League and have aimed to stay there ever since.

The Seagulls maintain an intense rivalry with south London side Crystal Palace. The Eagles and Seagulls have clashed various times in their history, most notably during their stint during the Championship, and now with both clubs currently operating as mid-tier Premier League sides, now vie for dominance in England's top footballing division, taking their rivalry to its greatest height.

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Select a fixture from the game menu to bring up a starting 11 lineup. Read the match details and when ready, hit 'play now'.

Study the lineup. The number below each shirt indicates how many letters there are in that player's name. You're against the clock so get going!

Think you know one of the mystery players? Enter your guess in the box provided below each shirt. See a tick? Boom, you've got it! See a cross? Guess again!

Struggling to get a player? Click the player you're having trouble with and hit the 'hint' button to get a letter to help you along. You only have 3 hints so use them wisely...

Really can't think of any more? Hit 'give up' and we'll show you the players you missed. Don't beat yourself up, we can't all remember that South American they had on loan for three games...

Think your score is unbeatable? Hit the 'challenge' button to share the game with a friend. Let's see who comes out on top!